Lose 3 to 4 kg per month while feeling rejuvenated!


The Luxopuncture sessions, together with the re-balancing dietary guide, aims to profoundly modify eating habits in order to first reach the target weight and to then maintain it on a long term basis.


While the Luxopuncture suppresses appetite, stops cravings and snacking,  improves mood & sleep, regulates the digestive system, the new dietary rules helps burning fat reserves and losing weight. It is much easier to implement the new dietary rules on a long term basis. It is also helped by the fact that Luxopuncture induces relaxation, good sleep and boosts energy levels.

Treatments are organised as follows:

  • 2 sessions during the first week

  • 1 weekly session during the weight loss phase

  • 1 monthly session during the stabilisation phase

The number of sessions depends on each individual's target weight and is established during the preliminary appointment. The stabilisation phase will last the time it took to reach the target weight.