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"This is the second review I have left for Anne - following the gain of the COVID-kilo(s), I decided to re-visit the lovely Anne at her homely Luxopuncture clinic. In addition to the weight gain, I had started to experience some menopausal symptoms, and felt that a re-balance could be helpful. As ever, I was not at all disappointed! In three weeks, I had easily shed the 3 kilos I wanted to, and my night sweats and mood fluctuations have reduced greatly, and my periods have settled down somewhat. I can’t recommend Luxopuncture, and especially Anne, enough - with her support, knowledge and expertise, it couldn’t be easier to get the results you need. And it is so good to know that she is there should I need her help in the future. Thanks Anne!"

Dr J Webb

Weight loss - May 2021


Recorded testimonial from Stefania P - June 2020

“I decided to try Luxopuncture after reading a very good article in a Top Santé magazine.

In the throes of the menopause, I was suffering from night sweats, hot flushes, headaches most days, feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed by the smallest of things and  

generally feeling a bit lost.

Meeting Anne for the first time was an absolute joy.  She listened, showed empathy and compassion and her calming presence instantly put me at ease - I just knew from that moment that I was embarking on something that was going to have a positive impact on my life.

Having now completed my seven sessions of Luxopuncture treatment my hot flushes have gone, as have my night sweats meaning that I now wake up feeling totally refreshed having had a full night’s sleep. In addition, my headaches have almost disappeared.

I am able to deal with issues that present themselves in a calm and balanced way accepting that there are some things that I simply cannot change.

I would have no hesitation recommending Luxopuncture with Anne – the treatment is non-invasive and relaxing and you could not be in better hands. Thank you Anne”

Nunzia R.

Menopause - January 2020

“My journey of change started in June with Luxopuncture. I came to Anne feeling overwhelmed, stressed and very irritable. I was also dealing with issues of peri menopause. Since revaluating my life style, mindset during my visits to Anne, I have found a way to, not only deal with my stress, but also my peri menopausal symptoms. Anne has been very understanding, a good listener and advisor in supporting me through this particular time.


I have had highs and lows however, coming out on the other side, it has been a great experience. I don’t think I would have changed it because I have a better appreciation and value of myself and had an opportunity to be guided through this cycle of life from Anne, who is very passionate about her knowledge and experience of using luxopuncture as a natural alternative to improve health and wellbeing. The second benefit is the weight loss; without restricting or changing my diet, I have managed to lose weight.

The overall rebalancing process has had a great effect on me.”

Juliana A.

Menopause - October 2019

“My menopause symptoms were getting progressively worse at aged 50.

My 4-5 hot flushes in the day started affecting my work and left me feeling anxious and the night sweats kept me awake so I was too tired and irritable to function properly.

I was recommended to Anne by a friend, who herself had been saved by her

from the menopause.

After the second session out of  7. I was amazed to find my flushes and sweats were gradually diminishing and because I wasn't waking up during the night I felt more energetic and in control of my life again. By week 7 I was symptom free. I never want to be back where I was again and I am so grateful to Luxopuncture.

Anne is a genuinely warm hearted, empathetic person who listened intently, understood and displayed sensitivity and compassion. I am so glad she has been and will continue

to be in my life.”

Beverley W.

Menopause - December 2019

“I would like to say thank you and that the luxo treatment was amazing and your one to one support was superb and really helped me throughout the process. My craving for sugar was totally curbed; I was amazed the effect of the luxo treatment had on my appetite, totally reducing it. I have lost 5 kg in 5 weeks which is fantastic.”


Debbie F.

Weight loss - September 2019

"I would highly recommend The Luxopuncture Clinic. I was struggling to lose the last few kilos of baby weight following the birth of my third child, and had tried a number of ways to shift it. Anne was personally recommended to me - and I was able to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks! The nutrition plan was straight forward and easy to follow, and the Luxo very relaxing and unobtrusive. I am delighted with the outcome! As well as losing the weight, I have very useful tool going forward if my weight creeps up again, a fuller understanding of some of the finer points of nutrition, and even following the plan for such a short time, I have managed to drop a couple of unhealthy habits - daily consumption of chocolate and alcohol! And I met a lovely person that I very much enjoyed working with!"

Dr J Webb

Weight loss - July 2019


“During my holidays in France last year, I met a friend I had not seen in a while who had lost a lot of weight and looked amazing. He told me he had done Luxopuncture and, like most people, I had never heard of it. That arouse my curiosity so once I had got back to the UK I did some research online and found The LUXOpuncture Clinic. I arranged an initial meeting with Anne and started weekly sessions in September, travelling from London every Saturday.


I had never tried to lose weight before so was not too sure what to expect. I followed the Food Rebalancing Programme and gradually changed my eating habits to try and shed the kilos I had piled on over the years. It took slightly longer than I had expected but the weekly weigh-ins and Anne’s constant encouragement kept me going. I can ‘literally’ more easily jump for joy now that I have reached my target weight, being over 20 kilos lighter, as you can see on the photos below. I do not think I could have done it without the Luxo sessions and I am now back to the weight I was when I was 16 years old. On top of the weight loss it has also helped attenuate the feelings of anxiety I had. It is with no hesitation that I can thoroughly recommend The LUXOpuncture Clinic.”



Claire L.

Weight loss - May 2019

Luxo 1_edited.jpg
Luxo 2_edited.jpg

“ After 6 years of suffering with peri menopausal symptoms and having tried many different treatments with no success, I am delighted to say that I am now symptom free following the Luxopuncture treatment with Anne. I no longer suffer from hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, extreme tiredness and irritability. I highly recommend this treatment.” 

Samantha R.

Menopause - April 2019

“After 15 years of trying and falling to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, with the help of Anne and Luxopuncture, I have finally managed to achieve this. I am absolutely delighted to have reached my target weight. The combination of the luxo, the nutrition plan and the weekly weigh-ins have enabled me to lose the weight I wanted and I have formed good eating habits that are now a way of life. I would not hesitate to recommend the LUXOpuncture Clinic to anyone trying to lose weight”

Jenny S.

Weight loss - March 2019

“I decided to try the Luxopuncture treatment after seeing a family member benefit from it.  Whilst not experiencing symptoms of Menopause as yet, I had found that my hormones were somewhat getting the better of me in the last few years and I was interested to see if this treatment may help with that. After a course of 7 treatments, I can honestly say that my symptoms were undoubtedly reduced! I look forward to continuing with the treatment on a maintenance basis to see if things continue to improve. If you have a condition or issue that you would like to address and Luxopuncture is an option for it then I highly recommend you try it. The treatment is painless, very relaxing and you are in good hands with Anne! Good luck!”

Sam W.

Well being - February 2019

"Thanks to Luxo I started the New Year nearly 3 stone lighter- an amazing feeling! Luxo has rebalanced my body, I feel calm, relaxed and in control of my eating. I sleep deeply and am full of energy. Anne has been an amazing support throughout this. I honestly NEVER thought I could lose this weight!"

A client who wish to remain anonymous

Weight loss - January 2019 

“After trying multiple ways to quit smoking, such as e-cigarettes and nicotine gum, all with no success, the time came to take the plunge and try something different. Luxopuncture was mentioned to me by Anne who initially talked me through the benefits and what she felt it would be able to do for me. At first I was quite sceptical as to how effective this treatment would be, knowing the extent of my addiction. After my first session, I was curious to see how the following 24hours would play out. To my surprise, just as Anne stated, my cravings had disappeared along with the need to smoke. It has now been 4 weeks, still with no cravings and I have resumed a normal life with a healthier life style overall. Incredibly happy with the results and will definitively be recommending Anne to any smokers that are motivated to quit and have previously struggled.”

Tim R.

Stopping smoking - December 2018

"I tried many diets and followed once a nutritional plan; this has been the most easy to follow. I have not struggled with the food, felt great in myself and had more energy. I also was suffering from night sweats but these have been much better and my mood and attitude lifted. Before starting this Luxo treatment I was feeling very low and near to going to see the doctor about it. I wanted a natural option and this has been it. I am now at the stabilisation phase and after my first monthly weighing have remain at the same weight. Very happy with the result!"

Louise P.  

Weight loss - November 2018

"Being not the most strong willed, I wondered how well I would get on a strict weight lost program. After two weeks, I started to feel very well in myself and comfortable with the diet. My weekly weight loss motivated me to see this through. I lost 10kg in 3 months and feel fantastic. I now have completed the stabilisation phase; I am happy and know that I can maintain my weight."

Marcia M. J.

Weight loss - September 2018


"I decided to try Luxopuncture as an alternative therapy to Acupuncture or HRT medications to help relieve crippling symptoms of sleepless nights, sweats, aches and digestion problems associated with the Peri Menopause. After several sessions I began to feel much better in myself, clearer headed and much calmer and relaxed with my sleeping much improved. By the end of my 7 week treatment I was feeling really different with a relaxation and internal calm feeling which I hadn't felt before. My sleep had returned to normal along with my digestion and I felt generally more balanced throughout. I would recommend Anne and the Luxopuncture Clinic to anyone who is struggling with these symptoms as an alternative and very positive therapy to try. I have found relief through this. Thank you Anne!"


Sheryl R.

Menopause - July 2018

"Luxo works, it really works.  I've tried the gym, Weight Watchers and Slimming World only to feel dejected and unhappy.  I am pleased to say I'm back to a weight I never thought I would ever be again.  I've lost a total of 23lbs or 10 kg. 

Three pounds more and I will be back to my pre baby weight - which was 12 years ago - if only I'd had Luxo earlier!

Sharon R.

Weight loss - June 2018

"I first heard about the Luxopuncture treatment for weight loss from Anne, after she had successfully lost weight and felt amazing. I have tried to lose weight since the birth of my second daughter almost 9 years ago. Each time, after managing to lose a couple of pounds I gave up. The Luxo changed all of this! My cravings stopped, I was able to follow the eating plan easily and was really focused. The weekly sessions with Anne kept me going, her encouragement motivated me and I managed to lose almost 9 kilos in less than three months. On top of the weight loss I started sleeping well again and felt positive and in charge. I would recommend Anne’s Luxopuncture treatment program as it has definitely helped me to stay on track and feel great."

Ivana S.

Weight loss - May 2018

"The Luxotherapy sessions I attended were very successful in helping with relaxation. The treatments take you away from day to day life, as you enjoy a tranquil break in Anne's beautiful therapy room and the effects build up over each week to help with your sense of well being. I especially noticed the impact of the treatment when I had to take a break before the end of my course and was keen to get back for Anne to restart her work. I would highly recommend Anne for Luxotherapy and I will be returning for more sessions in the future."

Karen M.

Relaxation - April 2018

"I would thoroughly recommend Anne and her Luxopuncture. I am a haematology patient who has suffered with sleeping properly for over 3 years. I have had a number of Luxopuncture sessions recently and they have certainly helped me with my sleeping and relaxation issues." 


Stuart B.

Relaxation - March 2018

The Luxopuncture treatment far outweighed my expectations.  I had been suffering with menopausal symptoms for some time, mainly with night time sweats which caused disturbed nights leaving me feeling very tired and exhausted.  After a few sessions this reduced considerably from waking up between 4 and 5 times to just 1 or 2 and then by the end of my treatment I wasn’t  experiencing any night time sweats and was waking feeling wonderful after a goodnights sleep.  The whole treatment left me feeling more alive, alert and with a sense of calm.  I would thoroughly recommend it.

Clare T.

Menopause - February 2018

“After being sceptical about Luxo treatment, I am very pleased with how I felt & the change it made to me. I decided to try Luxo as an alternative way to treat my perimenopause symptoms. I was very comfortable around Anne & she put me at ease & I felt very relaxed having the sessions. After each session I noticed my hot sweats significantly reduced & my anxiety reduced along with having a positive feeling within myself. I would definitely recommend anyone to give Luxo treatment a go to relieve the symptoms of perimenopause. Thank you once again Anne for looking after me.”

Paula J.

Menopause - January 2018

“I hesitated in writing this testimonial for my own website but felt it would best explain how and why I have become a Luxopuncture Practitioner.


It all started with my cousin in France losing 22 kg in three months whilst feeling great, thanks to this treatment called Luxopuncture. I was intrigued and spoke to my cousin, researched it at length and ending up feeling strongly it could be the career move I was looking for. To be fully convinced to go ahead, I had to try it for myself and used the opportunity of a trip to my native France to tackle those extra kilos I had gained over the past 20 years.


Even my knowledge on Luxopuncture did not prepare me for what has been a life changing experience; I lost more than 10 kilos (4 kilos more than I dreamed of losing)  in two months whilst feeling energised, relax, rested and at peace with myself. Not only had I got back to my weight when I was 18 year old, I sincerely could not remember the last time I experienced such well being. I got far more than I hoped for out of this “testing experience” and enthusiastically embarked on my own Luxopuncture journey as a practitioner."

Anne Claydon

December 2017

July 2017

June 2018


Same dress but the new me!

8 months after reaching my

target weight.